Poetry Break

Delia is taking a break from her regularly scheduled, bloggy programming for a much needed poetry break. Spank You Very Much will return shortly with all of the literature, the kink, and the Dominatrix-y BDSM goodness. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ❤


I sup on my grief



with both hands cradling the porcelain sides.

Bitterness swallowed

in imperceptible sips.


But instead of an organ evolved for flight

or hollow bones knit together to compose me-

a Black Hole greedily eats at my center

spinning heavier and Heavier.

I am a centrifuge of emptiness.

my extremities capture the flung off despair

until even my toes, my lips, and my fingertips

Feel impossibly weighty-


I lie beneath the weight-

each breath a laborious effort-

and I ache-

 for the hair-ripping

                muscle-fiber thrumming


                                                throat-shredding screams,

tripping lighter and lighter through the air

climbing the beams of sunlight



I can float away entirely~

If you happen to be entertained by my random musings, stay tuned for more. Get another cup of coffee or tea or cocoa. Read on to my newer posts, and subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Thank you for reading.

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I'm just a badass woman trying to make it in the world of BDSM.

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