I have learned so much already since I have begun this pro dominatrix stint. There are days when I feel confidant, dominant, sexy, and in total control. I know exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it, and everything seems so clear and obvious. There are also the days whereContinue reading “Evolution”

Shower Thoughts

The warm water runs down the length of my hair, the sunlight spills in and reflects off of the tile. I find myself ruminating on random memories from my childhood, and smiling ruefully. Memories that reinforce why I am so glad I am on this dominatrix journey, and why I know this is truly meantContinue reading “Shower Thoughts”


I want control. All of it. I find someone surrendering everything to me in a moment of breathless, terrified anticipation incredibly sexy. I want to experience their trembling, their uncertainty, their unease, and let it hang there in glorious suspense before taking the reins once more. I want my subs to feel the way aContinue reading “Progress”

Here We Go Again

So you decided to keep reading, huh? Wow, honestly, that’s- I mean. I knew you would, obviously. You’re just that addicted to me already. It’s a half-joke, I honestly appreciate you staying. So where were we again? Oh, right. I was talking about this new pro-dominatrix thrill ride thing that I’ve begun against all betterContinue reading “Here We Go Again”